Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dyson: A quick Summer Catch Up!

Dyson, is still Dyson. Full of energy and LOVES to play ball. He constantly has a baseball, bat and his mitt in his hands all the time. He LOVES it. Recently, I cannot get him to NOT wear his Dodger hat. I have to beg him to keep his Dodger hat at home while we are at church. It is not easy to convince him that we don't wear hats at church.

Riley came and saw us a few weeks ago and played soccer with Dyson almost nonstop, and now he wants to put soccer into the rotation. He comes out of the play rooms and yells, "Hey mom, ITS SOCCER TIME!!!", then "ITS BASEBALL TIME!!!", "ITS BASKETBALL TIME!!". He is so much fun!!

He has met some new friends here in Oklahoma. He loves to play with his friend Ben Behrmann. They have tons of fun together. Dyson is twice his size, and 3 months younger than him. They are really cute and fun to watch.

Dyson has been mom's big helper with his sister and with the house work. He is always there to help his mom get a diaper, pick out Kendrie's clothes, make lunch, or put groceries away. He loves to help out in any way that he can. He is a big help to his mom!!

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