Thursday, November 8, 2007

Everyday with Dyson

Everyday with Dyson is full of excitement!! He is always making one of us laugh. When it is quiet, I know that he is into something that he probably should not be into. But, he is really good at telling me when he did something that he should not have done, after the fact.
Dustin walked in the bathroom one saturday that he had off(comes once every month), and sees Dyson doing his own hair with his "blue gel". He told me that he wanted to do his hair.
"I need just a little bit more"

"Just a bit more"

"Let me show you". (his knew favorite line) This is how you do it.

"Ta Da!! Don't I look handsome?!"

"I just NEED to do it again!"
(Another famous line by DysonIzaac Judd)

Daddy got a Wii for his birthday and it is now one of Dysons favorite toys. He kicks butt in golf. He can par almost all of the holes. He kills me when we play.

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