Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!! We had a very crazy Halloween! We did so many activities this year. We had a lot of fun, but I am so glad that Halloween is OVER!! We went to our church trunk or treat where there were a ton of games for all the kids to play, cookie decorating, cake walk and trunk or treat. Kendrie was a Bronco Cheerleader for this party. Dyson didn't care about anything, except to play the basketball and golf games that they had.
"Lets go Broncos!"

"What did you say?"

The next tuesday, we went to the Oklahoma City Zoo and went trick or treating there. Kendrie was in her Ladybug costume and Dyson was in his Buzz Lightyear costume. We had a great time.

Dyson just woke up right as we got there and Dustin was post call. We had two tired boys.

"Come on Kendrie, lets go and see what they have for us!"

Kendrie poses by the pumpkins.

Dyson stops and eats a sucker on the way down the trails.

On the way out of the zoo, we took some pictures of the kidos in their costume with their daddy by all the pumpkins.

On Halloween night, we had some friends come over and have some chilli, rolls wassel and salad. We later went trick or treating around our neighborhood.

Here is Dyson as Buzzlightyear and his new buddy Ben as a frog.

Kendrie as a precious love bug ladybug.

Don't you want to gobble her up?

As we were trick or treating. Dyson had to kick a soccer ball around the neigborhood.

At the end of the night, both kids crashed pretty early. I think that we talked about halloween so much during the day, that it exhausted them before we really got there. We ended prety early, but with all the activites that we went to, we have SOOOOOOOOO much candy. I don't know what I am going to do with it all.

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Gavin McCleary said...

"Beam me up Buzzy! Im on a mission to conquer to the world, nothing will stop me, not even the galactic warfare or spider webs."
-Buzz Lightyear
(Really famous movie quote)