Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Judd Kids

I just think that my kids are the cutest. Here are a couple of pictures of them playing the other day.
Kendrie has the cutest smile.

Dyson always makes her laugh when he is in the room.

Dyson cheeses it with a big peice of roll in his mouth.

Dyson is sick of pictures. Kendrie could go on for days.

Dyson hugs her big and makes her laugh, but almost cry. They love each other so much!


Gavin McCleary said...

Children. Wow.

Amy said...

Cam, soo cute! I can't believe how big Dyson is getting! It seems like just yesterday he was just playing with "bwookie"!

The Waters said...

Cambrie & Dustin, It's Charissa....Bryce and I are just playing blog search & we came across your blog. My brothers brother in law is out there doing a residency as well. Do you know the Harlines? It was fun to see pictures of your cute kids, we have a blog if you want to view is Looks like it's time for a new post! I love hearing about peoples lives who also moved from Utah and did the out of state school thing We live in Manhattan and it can be a pretty rough lifestyle. Take care. The Waters

The Waters said...

Hey, would you email Gavin and Ashley and ask them if they would mind sending me an invite to their blog. I would love to see how their cute little fam is but their blog is private. I don't really know how that works but if they need any info from me to do it they can leave a comment on my blog and I can give them what ever info they need. Thanks Charissa

LaLona said...

one of these days Cambrie is going to update this blog....