Thursday, November 8, 2007

Our New Swimming Pool!

After our neighborhood swimming pool closed, we had to buy a small blow up pool for our backyard to help us get through the hot and humid Oklahoma summer. Dyson thinks that he now has the freedom to skinny dip now that he have his own backyard!!

He could care less that I am taking pictures of him naked!!

He has so much fun in that pool. He LOVES to splash!

Kendrie got her first "tiny weeny, polka dot bikini". Look at her hot stuff!!

She is just making sure that she is getting an even tan:)

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Cathy said...

I know it’s been quite a number of years since this post, but your kids looked so cute with their pool and swim things! It’s great that you got them an inflatable pool to enjoy after the public pool in your neighborhood closed down. Have your kids asked you for an actual pool in your own home? I know I asked my parents for one when I was a kid, haha!

Cathy Newman